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Colony Foundation in an Oceanic Seabird

Fig 7

Individual tracks of the 11 Cory´s shearwaters that visited Galician waters to forage during the breeding season.

White stars correspond to the main breeding colonies where tracking studies have been conducted. Telemetry data was collected on the islands of (1) Corvo, (2) Graciosa, (3) Faial, (4) Santa Maria, (5) Berlenga, (6) Porto Santo, (7) Deserta, (8) Selvagem Grande, (9) Alegranza, (10) La Palma, (11) El Hierro, (12) Gran Canaria and, (13) Chafarinas. Black stars represent the three newly established breeding areas of (14) Coelleira, (15) Sisargas and (16) Cíes in Galicia. Four individuals from Berlenga (black), three from Porto Santo (blue) and two from Deserta (red) and one from Santa Maria (green) foraged off Galicia. See Table 3 for further details.

Fig 7