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Colony Foundation in an Oceanic Seabird

Fig 5

Assignment of Galician individuals to potential source populations.

(a-c) Discriminant Analysis of Principal Components (DAPC in adegenet) on Cory’s shearwater populations using three main reference areas (Core Atlantic, Selvagens and Mediterranean): (a) Scatter plot of individuals used as reference and groups as inertia ellipses according with two discriminant functions, representing 93% of variance (x-axis: first discriminant function [DF1], 66% of variance, y-axis: second discriminant function [DF2], 27% of variance); (b) Scatter plot of individuals from the three Galician colonies; (c) Number of individuals assigned to the main reference areas; (d) Heat plot of assignment probabilities of Cory’s shearwaters captured at the newly established Galician colonies. Each column represents an individual (50 females and 53 males) and colour the probability to be assigned to a reference population as estimated by GeneClass2. Probability was calculated independently for each population by Monte-Carlo resampling.

Fig 5