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Colony Foundation in an Oceanic Seabird

Fig 3

Private alleles.

Mean number of private alleles per locus (i.e. alleles that are not found in other sampled populations) as functions of standardized sample size (g). Private alleles were analyzed using: (a) individual Atlantic colonies and the Mediterranean group (Pantaleu, Aire and Habibas); (b) four combination of colonies, Galicia (Coelleira, Sisargas and Cíes), Atlantic (Azores, Desertas, Canarias and Berlengas), Selvagens and Mediterranean (see Fig 4 for rationale underlying this grouping); (c) private alleles of all pair combinations of the four major breeding areas. Private allelic richness for a pair combination estimates the number of distinct alleles private to a group of populations and found in all populations in the group, thus indicative of shared ancestry.

Fig 3