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A New Sail-Backed Styracosternan (Dinosauria: Ornithopoda) from the Early Cretaceous of Morella, Spain

Fig 12

Ilia of the holotype specimen of Morelladon beltrani (CMP-MS-03).

Left ilium (CMP-MS-03-32) in lateral (A), medial (C) and ventral (E) views. Right ilium (CMP-MS-03-31) in lateral (B), medial (D) and ventral (F) views. Abbreviations: ac, acetabulum; bs; brevis shelf; isp, ischiadic peduncle; mr, medial ridge; p, dorsal platform; poa, postacetabular process; pra, preacetabular process; pup, pubic peduncle; srf, sacral rib facets. Arrow in (E) indicates point in which the medial ridge meets the dorsal margin of the ilium.

Fig 12