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Correction of a Depth-Dependent Lateral Distortion in 3D Super-Resolution Imaging

Fig 8

Workflow of dual color, 3D registration.

Work flow for image registration of 3D SR data. (a) At the focal plane (z0), a local weighted mean transformation Tlwmz0 is defined using a nanogrid. This allows us to map one color channel onto the other. (b) After data is acquired, it is fit to a 3D calibration curve from its channel to obtain z information and to correct the chromatic shift in z (magenta, red channel z calibration; green, far red channel z calibration), then (c) 3D data from each channel (magenta, red channel; green, far red channel) is wobble corrected. Once both the z and wobble calibrations are applied to the data from each channel, Tlwmz0 is used to map one channel onto the other. Measurements from 10 beads shown in b and c.

Fig 8