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Correction of a Depth-Dependent Lateral Distortion in 3D Super-Resolution Imaging

Fig 4

Wobble distortion under different experimental conditions.

(a) Wobble curves in the presence (magenta) and absence (green) of a cylindrical lens, showing little difference in magnitude and direction. (b) Wobble curves at two different objective rotations 45° apart (0°, magenta, 45°, green), showing changes in both directions and magnitude. (c) Wobble curves with 0° (magenta) and ~ 1.5° (green) coverslip tilt. Measurements from 5–6 beads. Error bars are standard deviations of the shift value. X-directions: magenta, open circle, green, open square and y-directions: magenta, filled circle, green, filled square in unmodified (with cylindrical lens, no coverslip tilt and no objective rotation) and modified positions respectively.

Fig 4