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New Data on the Clevosaurus (Sphenodontia: Clevosauridae) from the Upper Triassic of Southern Brazil

Fig 3

Clevosaurus brasiliensis Bonaparte and Sues, 2006 [11] MCN-PV 2852, skull.

Schematic drawings (A-C) in dorsal (A), palatal (B), and lateral (C) views. Scale bar equals 5 mm. Abbreviations: bo, basiocciopital; bs, basisphenoid; ect, ectopterygoid; exoccipital; f, frontal; j, jugal; m, maxilla; n, nasal; p, parietal; pal, palatine; pf, postfrontal; pm, premaxilla; pmt, premaxilla tooth; po, postorbital; prf, prefrontal; pt, pterygoid; q, quadrate; sb, secondary bone; sbf, suborbital fenestra; so, supraoccipital; sq, squamosal; st, supratemporal.

Fig 3