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PEAK1 Acts as a Molecular Switch to Regulate Context-Dependent TGFβ Responses in Breast Cancer

Fig 3

PEAK1 is necessary and sufficient for increased breast cancer cell migration in response to TGFβ/fibronectin treatment.

(A-D) MCF7-Vector and–PEAK1 or CA1h-shCntrl and–shPEAK1 cells were chronically treated with TGFβ while being cultured on plastic. (A and C) Single cell migration assays were performed on these cells after plating on the indicated substrates with 3 images per condition being collected every 10 minutes for 24 hours. Cells were tracked using Fiji software to determine Displacement (μm) (left y-axis) and Velocity (μm/min) (right y-axis). Two-way ANOVA statistical analysis was performed using Prism. (B and D) 10 representative cell tracks for each of the indicated cell populations are shown when cells were migrating on fibronectin. *** indicate p-values < 0.001.

Fig 3