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Large-Scale and Comprehensive Immune Profiling and Functional Analysis of Normal Human Aging

Fig 4

Example of a cytokine, MCP-3 (also known as CCL7) that shows differing trends with age depending upon the type of assay.

Left panel, supernatant levels from unstimulated PBMC incubated for 4 hours. Middle panel, supernatant levels from PBMC stimulated with a cocktail of IFNα, LPS, CD3+CD28, and anti-IgM+IgG, after subtraction of unstimulated supernatant levels. Right panel, serum levels. All cytokines were measured by a 63-plex Luminex panel. Y-axis values represent the z score of median fluorescence intensity (MFI), after log2 transformation. Black line shows fitted regressions of analyte readout versus age. While CMV effects were not significant in any assay, age effects were significant for both unstimulated and stimulated-unstimulated supernatant assays.

Fig 4