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Phylogeny of Echinoderm Hemoglobins

Fig 5

(A) Consensus tree generated by StructAlign, which carries out joint Bayesian inference of alignments and trees under a joint model of sequence and structure evolution.

The structures used here correspond to echinoderm coelomic Hbs (1hlb,1hlm), vertebrate Ngb (1oj6), Cygb (1urv), Mb (2mm1), HbA (2hhb) C. elegans Ngb (3mvc), plant Hbs (2oif, 1lh1), and two bacterial SDgbs (3s1j,2wy4). (B) Tree generated using a larger dataset, consisting of the aforementioned structures augmented with cyclostome Hbs (2lhb, 1it2) A. limacina Mb (1mba), D. melanogaster Hb (2g3h), G. intestinalis Hb (1c0k), C. elegans Glb-1 (2wtg), C. lacteus Ngb (2xki), and an bacterial non-heme globin (1bnl) as an outgroup.

Fig 5