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Cortical Response Similarities Predict which Audiovisual Clips Individuals Viewed, but Are Unrelated to Clip Preference

Fig 3

The average ISC for each video clip.

ISC’s were calculated across all unique subject pairs and electrodes. The ISC's were averaged across all electrodes and subject pairs for each individual. The distribution of individual average ISC’s are indicated in each boxplot, separately for each clip. The boxplots are organized with the highest average ISC’s on top and the lowest ISC’s on bottom. ISC’s were greater than zero (permutation test: p < 0.0028) for 15 out of 16 clips. Within each boxplot, the upper and lower bars indicate the maximum and minimum data points, respectively. The red bar spans the first (lower) and third (upper) quartiles. The solid line indicates the median and the circle indicates the mean.

Fig 3