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The Nutritional Geometry of Resource Scarcity: Effects of Lean Seasons and Habitat Disturbance on Nutrient Intakes and Balancing in Wild Sifakas

Fig 3

Seasonality in the contribution of protein to the diet in sifaka groups at Tsinjoarivo, Madagascar.

Bivariate plots showing absolute seasonal averages (daily intakes ± SE) of protein (x-axis) and non-protein energy (fat + carbohydrate + NDF; y-axis), both expressed in kJ, for five sifaka groups at Tsinjoarivo, Madagascar. The fit line represents a linear regression forced through the origin as a visual approximation of each group’s nutritional rail (with grey dashed lines indicating rails for groups in the other panel). The shaded area represents nutritional space (i) left of a vertical line representing estimated minimum protein requirement of 2.8 g●BMkg-1●day-1, equivalent to 234 kJ for a 5-kg sifaka, and/or (ii) below an oblique line representing 500 kJ●BMkg-0.762●day-1, equivalent to 1703 kJ for a 5-kg sifaka (see discussion for details on requirements).

Fig 3