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Comprehensive In Vitro Toxicity Testing of a Panel of Representative Oxide Nanomaterials: First Steps towards an Intelligent Testing Strategy

Fig 10

Embryotoxicity evaluation by Embryonic Stem Cell Test (EST).

The following parameters were used for EST: viability of NIH-3T3 (A, B, C) and mES cells (D, E, F), respectively the mES differentiation into contracting EBs (G, H, I). The cell viability was evaluated by WST-1 assay on day 10 after exposure and the cell differentiation was assessed by direct visualization of beating areas under a light microscope after exposure to different concentrations of TiO2 (NM-103 and NM-104), ZnO (NM-110 and NM-111) or SiO2 (NM-200 and NM-203). The values represent the means ± SE of at least four independent experiments.

Fig 10