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A Paleolatitude Calculator for Paleoclimate Studies

Fig 5

Latitudinal sea surface temperature (SST) gradients for the early- (orange) and middle (blue) Eocene (modified from Bijl and colleagues [2]).

See text for full derivation of data. TEX86-derived SSTs (squares) were recalibrated to TEX86-H following Kim and colleagues [94]. (A) with paleolatitudes as published by Bijl and colleagues [2] and references therein, (B) with paleolatitudes and error bars using the paleolatitude calculator provided with this paper (, in the default reference frame of Torsvik et al. [20]. (C) comparison of paleolatitudes of the same paleotemperature data using paleomagnetic reference frames of Torsvik et al. [20], Besse and Courtillot [18] and Kent and Irving [34]. For data, see Table 2, for present-day locations see Fig 2, for reconstructed locations at 50 Ma see Fig 4.

Fig 5