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Prevalence and Characterization of Murine Leukemia Virus Contamination in Human Cell Lines

Fig 8

PCR-Assays for the detection of MLV sequences in cell lines infected with MLV from contaminated cell lines.

The cell lines NCI-H82 and VERO-B4 were infected with cell culture supernatant of the cell lines DEL, KELLY, KYSE-70, LCL-HO, NAMALWA.CSN/70, or NCEB-1. DNA of the infected cell lines was prepared after 44 or 45 days (dpi, days post infection). NCI-H82 and VERO-B4 were previously shown to be MLV-negative. Only the 604–642 bp bands and the 150–174 bp bands are specific for MLV contaminations determined by the outer and inner primers, respectively.

Fig 8