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Novel Pactamycin Analogs Induce p53 Dependent Cell-Cycle Arrest at S-Phase in Human Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma (HNSCC) Cells

Fig 2

PCT analogs did not inhibit protein synthesis, which is a capstone property of PCT.

Detection of protein synthesis was performed using the Click-iT azide-alkyne streptavidin HRP reaction model with Western blot. SSC104 cells were incubated in L-methionine-free medium containing 50 μM Click-iT AHA and subsequently treated with 100 nM of TM-025, TM-026 and PCT for 30 min and 90 min. Immunoblot shows the newly synthesized proteins (bands) in TM-025 and TM-026-treated cells, and a lack of such synthesis in PCT-treated cells.

Fig 2