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Early Maternal Alcohol Consumption Alters Hippocampal DNA Methylation, Gene Expression and Volume in a Mouse Model

Fig 4

Site-specific DNA methylation levels of six CpG islands in control and ethanol-exposed offspring (P28).

Site-specific methylation levels of Vmn2r64 [A: upstream island (1) and B: CpG island in gene-body (2)], Olfr110 (C, upstream), Vpreb2 (D, in gene-body), and Olfr601 (E, in gene-body) in hippocampus (HC) and Olfr601 (F, in gene-body) in main olfactory epithelium (MOE). The methylation levels of CpG1 in Vmn2r64 (1)(A), CpG3 in Olfr110 (C), and CpG1 in Olfr601 (E) were significantly changed between the two experimental groups (*p<0.05, Mann-Whitney). Notable changes are marked by diamonds (♦): CpG4 and CpG5 in Olfr110 (p = 0.07 and p = 0.11, Mann-Whitney, respectively). Controls are illustrated in white and ethanol-exposed offspring in grey bars.

Fig 4