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Early Maternal Alcohol Consumption Alters Hippocampal DNA Methylation, Gene Expression and Volume in a Mouse Model

Fig 2

Schematic structures of five candidate genes with six CpG islands.

Five candidate genes with six CpG islands were chosen for bisulphite sequencing: Vomeronasal type 2 receptor 64 (Vmn2r64, 2 CpG islands (1 and 2), Olfactory receptor genes 110 (Olfr110) and 601 (Olfr601), Pre-B lymphocyte gene 2 (Vpreb2), and Histone cluster 1 H2ai (Hist1h2ai). Exons are illustrated in black and CpG islands in white. The bisulphite sequenced part of CpG island of Hist1h2ai is illustrated in grey.

Fig 2