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Early Maternal Alcohol Consumption Alters Hippocampal DNA Methylation, Gene Expression and Volume in a Mouse Model

Fig 1

Effects of gestational alcohol exposure on gene expression in main olfactory epithelium and bone marrow.

Quantitative PCR studies showed increased expression of Olfr601 in main olfactory epithelium (MOE) and Vpreb2 in bone marrow (*p<0.05 and ***p<0.001, respectively, one-tailed Student’s t-test) of ethanol-exposed (EtOH) offspring relative to reference gene Rps16. Expression of H2-M10.3 was not significantly changed in MOE (p = 0.35, one-tailed Student’s t-test). Each dot represents an individual four-week-old (P28) male mouse. Bars are averaged values ± SD.

Fig 1