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Evolutionary Patterns among Living and Fossil Kogiid Sperm Whales: Evidence from the Neogene of Central America

Fig 14

Anterodorsal views of kogiid skulls.

Aprixokogia kelloggi (USNM 187015), 14A, Scaphokogia cochlearis (MNHN PPI 229), 14B, Praekogia cedrosensis (UCMP 315229), 14C, Nanokogia isthmia gen. et sp. nov. (UF 280000), 14D, Kogia sima (LACM 47142), 14E, and K. breviceps (LACM 95745), 14F; each bone is color-coded for ease of comparison. Red dashed lines denote the extent of the supracranial/premaxillary fossa. Areas in white are reconstructed, light gray areas are covered with sediment; diagonal lines denote broken surfaces.

Fig 14