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Evolutionary Patterns among Living and Fossil Kogiid Sperm Whales: Evidence from the Neogene of Central America

Fig 7

Left, 6A-B, and right, 6C-D, lateral views of referred specimen of Nanokogia isthmia gen. et sp. nov. (UF 273554).

Abbreviations: boc, basioccipital crest; eam, external auditory meatus; eo, exoccipital; fr, frontal; lmc, lateral maxillary crest; mx, maxilla; npp, notch for posterior process of tympanic; oc, occipital condyle; of, optic foramen; pa, parietal; pmx, premaxilla; pop, postorbital process; prp, preorbital process; prs, presphenoid; ptdl, dorsal lamina of pterygoid; ptml, medial lamina of pterygoid; scb, supracranial basin; smc, supramastoid crest; sq, squamosal; tc, temporal crest; vo, vomer; zp, zygomatic process. Gray shaded areas indicate sediment; diagonal lines denote broken surfaces.

Fig 7