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Large Impact of Eurasian Lynx Predation on Roe Deer Population Dynamics

Fig 3

Roe deer density index (mean roe deer pellet groups per 10 m2 = 0.239 ± 0.095, thick line in both upper and lower part of the graph), roe deer harvest (mean number of roe deer harvested within Grimsö wildlife research area (130 km2) = 46.1 ± 28.2, thin line upper part), snow depth (mean accumulated snow depth (cm) = 2299 ± 1503, dashed line upper part), vole density index (mean number of voles caught per 100 trap nights = 0.596 ± 0.667, thin line lower graph), red fox index (mean number of red fox dens with Grimsö Wildlife Research Area with cubs = 6.0 ± 2.26, dashed line lower graph).

All values are standardized value (xi—mean(x) / The vertical grey lines indicate the year (1996) of lynx re-colonization of Grimsö wildlife research area.

Fig 3