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Large Impact of Eurasian Lynx Predation on Roe Deer Population Dynamics

Fig 1

The study areas at three nested spatial scales.

Lynx were captured and roe deer surveys were performed at the largest spatial scale (8000 km2, thick black line). The number of lynx and roe deer were known within the medium-sized area (2000 km2, thick light grey line). Long-term wildlife surveys were performed within Grimsö wildlife research area (130 km2, dark grey polygon). The three female (thin black line) and four male (thin black dotted line) lynx home ranges within sub-area in winter 1998/1999, as well as some other examples of female (thin dark grey line) and male (thin dark grey dotted line) lynx home ranges within the largest study area. County borders are also given on both maps.

Fig 1