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Single Particle Fluorescence Burst Analysis of Epsin Induced Membrane Fission

Fig 1

BAS assay distinguishes liposomes of different sizes.

The size distribution of 200 nm, 100 nm and 50 nm fluorescent liposomes was examined by FCS and BAS. (a) Fluorescent burst data of TopFluor-labeled Folch liposomes extruded to 200 nm (green), 100 nm (purple) and 50 nm (cyan). (b) BAS histograms generated from the burst data in (a). Fraction of total events is the concentration of each bin divided by the total concentration, for each sample. Dashed lines show theoretical diameter distributions (35% CV, dash; 50% CV, dot) derived from Monte Carlo simulated intensity data in which fluorescence brightness was set proportional to particle surface area. The resulting simulated intensity distributions were analyzed with BAS analysis code. (c) FCS profiles of 200 nm, 100 nm, and 50 nm liposomes. The data shown is representative of two experimental replicates.

Fig 1