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Preschool Externalizing Behavior Predicts Gender-Specific Variation in Adolescent Neural Structure

Fig 1

Hippocampus tracing landmarks as viewed on coronal native space images.

Panels A-H, viewed from top to bottom and left to right in each row, show anterior to posterior progression through the hippocampus. Insets show areas of focus on full-brain sections (black box). An example region of interest is traced in black and labeled by hippocampal subregion: hippocampal head (HH), body (HB), and tail (HT). AMG = amygdala; FX = fornix; EC = entorhinal cortex; LV = lateral ventricle; PG = parahippocampal gyrus; PT = pulvinar of the thalamus; QC = quadrigeminal cistern; TLV = temporal horn of the lateral ventricle; UN = uncus.

Fig 1