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The Heterogeneous Dynamics of Economic Complexity

Fig 1

Non-stationary sdynamics of economic systems in the fitness-income plane.

a: we report in the fitness-income plane the position of the countries in 1995. The red line indicates the expected level of income, given the level of fitness of a country, and it is the result of the minimization of the Euclidean distance of the countries from the line weighted by the country GDP. b: evolution in the fitness-income plane from 1995 to 2010. We observe a strongly heterogeneous dynamics of the countries in this plane. In order to point out emergent trends in this dynamics, we perform a coarse graining of the trajectories, as shown in panel c. A laminar-like regime is observed. With respect to the evolution of the countries with intermediate/large fitness, this regime is characterized by a regular flow and an income lower than what expected from the average red line (top left corner).

Fig 1