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Analysis of Genetic Code Ambiguity Arising from Nematode-Specific Misacylated tRNAs

Figure 1

Detection of the 3′ CCA end sequences of nev-tRNAs.

(A) PCR scheme for the detection of the 3′ ends of mature tRNAs: nev-tRNAGly (CCC) and nev-tRNAIle (UAU) and their cognates, tRNAGly (UCC) and tRNAIle (UAU), respectively. Numbers indicate the nucleotide positions relative to the 5′ end of each tRNA. (B) RT–PCR amplification of the 3′ end of each tRNA. PCR products of the expected sizes are shown as red dots. (C) Nucleotide sequence chromatograms of the 3′ end region of each tRNA.

Figure 1