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Effects of Anti-Angiogenesis on Glioblastoma Growth and Migration: Model to Clinical Predictions

Figure 3

AT enhances both necrosis and invasion.

The first row compares the effects of AT only (blue), PD only (green), and AT + PD (orange) on the evolution of the proliferative tumor mass (a, P Mass), percent of the brain that is necrotic (b), invasive tumor mass (c, I Mass), and percent brain invasion by I cells (d) for the Full model. (e) and (g) show the 2-dimensional distribution of cells and at the final steps of the AT only and PD only models, respectively; (f) and (h) plot vertical one-dimensional sections. (i) plots the areas of necrosis vs (FLAIR signal - Tumor) (mm2, see S2 Figure) of 26 newly-diagnosed GBMs. The data is fitted to the polynomial by the robust least square method (least absolute residuals, R-square: ). Units are arbitrary.

Figure 3