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Garlic Revisited: Antimicrobial Activity of Allicin-Containing Garlic Extracts against Burkholderia cepacia Complex

Figure 4

MS analysis of recombinantly produced Burkholderia cepacia BCP Prx incubated with AAS and AGE.

(A) Purified Bc BCP Prx has a mass of 18992 Da, consistent with its predicted mass based on the amino acid sequence (B) Bc BCP after incubation with 1 mM AAS for 1 h results in the formation of two covalently modified species of mass increases +72 Da and +144 Da. (C) Bc BCP Prx after incubation with AGE for 1 h results in the formation of a covalently modified species of mass increase +144 Da corresponding to the addition of two allicin adducts. * denotes enzyme species that undergo α-N-gluconoylation during protein expression. (D) Proposed mechanism of reaction of allicin with Bc BCP Prx.

Figure 4