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Garlic Revisited: Antimicrobial Activity of Allicin-Containing Garlic Extracts against Burkholderia cepacia Complex

Figure 2

HPLC and MS analysis of aqueous allicin standard (AAS) and aqueous garlic extract (AGE).

(A) AAS was analysed using a C18 reverse phase column with UV detection at 240 nm. The standard eluted at 4.1 minutes. AAS had an observed m/z of 185.0067 (consistent with the [M+Na]+ species; theoretical m/z 185.0065; [C6H10OS2+Na]+) (inset). (B) AGE was analysed by the same method as described for AAS. The peak at 4.1 minutes corresponds to the mass of allicin.

Figure 2