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Comparison of Amino Acids Physico-Chemical Properties and Usage of Late Embryogenesis Abundant Proteins, Hydrophilins and WHy Domain

Figure 2

Schematic representation of WHy domain.

(A) WHy domain contains an invariant triplet NPN situated 25 amino acids after the beginning of the WHy domain. (B) Some LEAP class 8 sequences contain a second WHy domain whose consensus sequence is very similar to the first domain. (C) Alignment of WHy domain sequences. The amino acids consensus sequence around the invariant triplet NPN can be written as: [ALMNV].{0,4}[FILMVWY].[AFILMV].{1,3}[FLMVY].[AILV].NPN.{3,3}[ILV].[AFILVY].{2,4}[FILMVY].{1,2}[FLVWY].[ILV].

Figure 2