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Intra-Lesional Injection of the Novel PKC Activator EBC-46 Rapidly Ablates Tumors in Mouse Models

Figure 5

EBC-46 kills tumor cells rapidly in vivo.

Survival of A. SK-MEL-28 melanoma or B. FaDu head and neck cancer cells ex vivo following treatment with vehicle (20% propylene glycol in water) (circles) or 50 nmol (30 µg) EBC-46 in vehicle (squares). Error bars – SD. Data n = 3 independent experiments. C. Histological analysis of FaDu head and neck cancer tumors treated with EBC-46. Representative photomicrographs are shown of the histology tumor sites after intra-lesional injection with vehicle (20% propylene glycol in water) or 50 nmol (30 µg) EBC-46. FaDu tumors were allowed to reach 100 mm3 before they were treated with either vehicle or 50 nmol (30 µg) EBC-46, and harvested at the indicated times. White arrows – representative areas of red cell extravasation; black arrows – representative areas of shrunken and pale nuclei. Scale bars = 100 µm.

Figure 5