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How Do Haloarchaea Synthesize Aromatic Amino Acids?

Figure 6

Representative growth curves of mutants StopOE1472F, InsOE1475F and ΔOE1477R.

The WT () and mutants cells () grown in synthetic medium with different supplements. Without AroAA (A, E, and I), with 1.1 mM AroAA (B, F, and J), with 1.1 mM AroAA and 1.1 mM DHQ (C, G, and K), and with 1.1 mM AroAA and 1.1 mM shikimate (D, H and L). Inocula were washed with basal salt solution before resuspending in the appropriate medium. Gn times shown above the lines are for WT cells, and Gn times below the lines are for mutants. The cells were grown in 25 ml flasks containing 10 ml medium, at 39°C, and shaken at 100 rpm.

Figure 6