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How Do Haloarchaea Synthesize Aromatic Amino Acids?

Figure 1

Proposed pathway for the biosynthesis of AroAA in H. salinarum, based on the pathway described for M. jannaschii.

A, The initial steps in the de novo pathway were proposed according to White [6]. Note that no transaldolase reaction with ASA+DKFP was detected in this study, whereas the detected aldolase activity of OE1472F suggests that in H. salinarum the precursor might be F-1,6-P rather than DKFP. For details see Fig 10 and discussion. B, Downstream to DHQ, the canonical pathway is followed. Protein homologs found in H. salinarum are indicated above (or to the right of) the arrows, and the genes names are indicated below (or to the left). ASA-L-aspartate semialdehyde, DKFP-6-deoxy-5-ketofructose 1-phosphate, DHQ-dehydroquinate, DHS- dehydroshikimate.

Figure 1