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Hope for the Best or Prepare for the Worst? Towards a Spatial Cognitive Bias Test for Mice

Figure 4

Experiment II: Training.

(A) Latency to reach the arm, (B) latency to reach the hole, and (C) percentage of time spent at the hole in positive and negative trials across the four days of training for mice being later confronted with the near-negative (NN, n = 7), central (CE, n = 10), or near-positive (NP, n = 11) probe arm. Data are averaged per trial outcome and day and are presented as means ±SEM. Day 1: 5 positive trials, day 2+3: 3 positive and 3 negative trials, day 4: 2 positive and 2 negative trials. Statistics: day 1: ANOVA; day 2–4: Repeated Measures ANOVA for each day, main effect of trial outcome: ***p≤0.001, tp≤0.1, effect of group-by-trial outcome interaction: #p≤0.1.

Figure 4