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Unexpected Attraction of Polarotactic Water-Leaving Insects to Matt Black Car Surfaces: Mattness of Paintwork Cannot Eliminate the Polarized Light Pollution of Black Cars

Figure 3

Degree of linear polarization d of the shiny black (sb), matt black (mb) and matt grey (mg) horizontal test surfaces used in experiments 1 and 2 measured with imaging polarimetry in the red (650 nm), green (550 nm) and blue (450 nm) parts of the spectrum when sun- and skylight (A, Supplementary Fig. S4I) or canopylight originating from trees and bushes (B, Supplementary Fig. S4II) was reflected by the test surfaces.

Columns: averages. Vertical bars: standard deviations. The average is calculated for the whole area of each test surface (corresponding to 2500×4000 = 10 000 000 pixels in the pictures and polarization patterns).

Figure 3