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δ18O in the Tropical Conifer Agathis robusta Records ENSO-Related Precipitation Variations

Figure 2

Observed composite O record from the Atherton Tablelands compared to local precipitation and NINO34 SST index.

(a): Box-whisker plots (as described for Fig 1) show the distribution of values for each sample of 12 observations (4 interpolated values per season from each of three trees) in each growing season composite. Calendar age assignments (x-axis) are from the crossdating of the retained dendrochronological subset of tree cores from Dinden National Park (Table 2). Solid circles are process-modeled O estimates (see text for details.) (b) November–April average composite precipitation record from Tinaroo Falls and Kairi Research Station (Fig 1). (c) November–April average NINO34 SST.

Figure 2