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Contextual Cross-Referencing of Species Names for Fiddler Crabs (Genus Uca): An Experiment in Cyber-Taxonomy

Figure 2

Histograms of literature illustrating pattern of publications using names associated with fiddler crabs over the past 90 years.

The long tail of publications prior to 1924 are not included for clarity. a) Representation of the literature currently included in the name database versus those still pending. Approximately one quarter of all publications are in the database, including 95% of those published prior to 1924 (not shown) and two thirds of those published through 1975. The inset figure shows the cumulative number of publications in the database, by year, illustrating the explosion of literature over the past 40 years. b) Representation of the literature by accessibility. While the specific distribution is unique to my own circumstances, it generally illustrates the type of pattern one might expect to find with respect to accessibility of the primary literature.

Figure 2