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Contextual Cross-Referencing of Species Names for Fiddler Crabs (Genus Uca): An Experiment in Cyber-Taxonomy

Figure 1

An example of contextual taxonomic name data recorded for three publications [12][14].

The columns represent: (1) a unique key to identify a publication; (2) a numeric key for separating different names used in a single publication and in different contexts; (3) the exact name as used in the publication; (4) where in the publication the name occurs or is applied; (5) the context of the use; (6–7) additional information on the context, with details depending on the type of context (described in text); (8) the “actual species”: either the accepted species (as we now understand it) which the authors was referring to or an equals sign (for citation contexts) indicating the accepted species should be computationally determined; (9) notes on the name usage. A period generally indicates no data (columns could not be left blank). Two additional columns of data were also recorded: the common name(s) used in the publication and notes on the publication in general. These columns were rarely used and were left out of the figure to save space. Specific records indicated with letters in circles are discussed further in the text.

Figure 1