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Eutrophication and Dreissena Invasion as Drivers of Biodiversity: A Century of Change in the Mollusc Community of Oneida Lake

Figure 5

Long term changes in the mollusc community and lakewide limnological parameters.

A: Gastropod and unionid species richness (bars) and gastropod average density (± standard error, where available) in Lower South Bay in 1917 [23], 1967 [24], and 2012 (our study). B: Growing season (May-October) values of total phosphorus, chlorophyll a, and Secchi depth in Oneida Lake from 1927 to 2011, averaged across 5-year periods. Where available, error bars indicate standard deviation of annual growing season averages. Vertical dashed line indicates timing of D. polymorpha invasion. Data from Muenscher [73], Greeson [74], and Rudstam [29].

Figure 5