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The Real Bounty: Marine Biodiversity in the Pitcairn Islands

Figure 2

Non-metric multidimensional scaling of major benthic function groups and sampling locations among the four islands in the Pitcairn Group.

A. macroalgae, B. corals, C. urchins. Vectors are the primary taxa driving the ordination (Pearson Product movement correlations ≥ 0.5). Macroalgae species codes: D.vers = Dictyosphaeria versluysii, H.onko = Hydrolithon onkodes, H. mini = Halimeda minima, H.samo = Hydrolithon samoense, M.umbr = Microdictyon japonicum, L. vari = erect Lobophora variegata. Coral species codes: F.stell = Favia stelligera, M.aequ = Montipora aequituberculata, M.plat = Millepora plathyphylla, Sinn.sp = Sinularia sp. Urchins: D.savi = Diadema savignyi, E.mata = Echinometra mathaei, E.acic = Echinostrephus aciculatus, E.cala = Echinothrix calamaris.

Figure 2