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The HIVToolbox 2 Web System Integrates Sequence, Structure, Function and Mutation Analysis

Figure 2

Drug Resistance Mutations structure window and table.

A. DRM structure window showing the structure of HIV protease:Saquinavir complex (1C6Z) with DRMs for Saquinavir colored. The coloring scheme for the DRMs is beneficial (green), beneficial set (dark green; not shown), primary (red), primary set (pink), secondary set (purple) B. Information for each DRM is shown in a table that is color coded using the same DRM coloring scheme. DRMs for different drugs can be loaded using the pulldown menu at the bottom of the table. This sortable table also provides the chain:position, mutated amino acid, and links to the abstracts of PubMed papers supporting the DRM. The first column of this table is interactive, where a mouse click identifies the amino acid in the structure of the DRM structure window (A).

Figure 2