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Analysis of the Central Nervous System Transcriptome of the Eastern Rock Lobster Sagmariasus verreauxi Reveals Its Putative Neuropeptidome

Figure 3

Type C allatostatin and prohormone-1 precursor predicted ORFs and conserved peptide.

A) A complete ORF (derived from CL2090.Contig2_All) of type C allatostatin precursor with a signal peptide (red) and 3 predicted allatostatin peptides (green) with an amidated glycine (light blue), separated by carboxyl-peptidase cleavage sites (underlined). B) A complete ORF (derived from Unigene59348_All) of prohormone-1 with a signal peptide (red) and a predicted allatostatin peptide (green), separated by carboxyl-peptidase cleavage sites (underlined). Two conserved cysteine residues in the last allatostatin peptide of each sequence are highlighted in yellow. Asterisk indicates the stop codon. C) Amino acid alignment between the conserved peptides of C type allatostatin and prohormone-1.

Figure 3