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Rising Tides or Rising Stars?: Dynamics of Shared Attention on Twitter during Media Events

Figure 4

Responsiveness of users during debates.

The average increase of the in- and out-degrees for the reply and retweet network during debates compared with the typical events. The -axis are logarithmic bins for all users with followers and the -axis measures change of in- or out-degree for all users with followers. (a) Elites and rookies engage in more interpersonal communication than typicals. (b) Elites retweeted less frequently than other types of users. (c) Elites are largest target of users' replies. (d) Elites have their content retweeted more than other users. In all plots, the -axis plots the number of followers on a log-scale. The -axes are in linear scale in (a,b) and log-scale in (c,d).

Figure 4