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ss3sim: An R Package for Fisheries Stock Assessment Simulation with Stock Synthesis

Figure 3

Example output from an ss3sim simulation.

We ran a crossed simulation in which we considered (1) the effect of fixing natural mortality (M) at its true value (0.2; case E0) or estimating M (case E1) and (2) the effect of high survey effort (; case D0) or low survey effort (; case D1). Upper panels (blue) show time series of relative error in spawning stock biomass (SSB). Lower panels (grey) show the distribution of relative error across four scalar variables: depletion (the ratio of terminal year spawning biomass to unfished spawning biomass), M, SSB at maximum sustainable yield (), and fishing mortality () in the terminal year. We show the values across simulation iterations with dots and the distributions with beanplots (kernel density smoothers).

Figure 3