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A New Large-Bodied Oviraptorosaurian Theropod Dinosaur from the Latest Cretaceous of Western North America

Figure 3

Photographs of craniomandibular elements of Anzu wyliei gen. et sp. nov.

(A) Left premaxilla of CM 78001 in lateral view. Left maxilla of CM 78001 in lateral (B) and medial (C) views. Left jugal of CM 78001 in lateral (D) and medial (E) views. (F) Braincase with articulated quadrates and pterygoids of CM 78001 in posterior view. Right quadrate of CM 78000 in dorsal (G), anterior (H), posterior (I), ventral (J), medial (K), and lateral (L) views. (M) Fused pterygoids of CM 78000 in ventral view. Right ectopterygoid of CM 78001 in lateral (N) and medial (O) views. Fused dentaries of CM 78000 in left lateral (P), dorsal (Q), and ventral (R) views. Left surangular–articular–coronoid complex of CM 78000 in lateral (S) and dorsal (T) views. Left angular of CM 78000 in lateral (U) and medial (V) views. Abbreviations: aof, antorbital fenestra; ap, ascending process; bpt, basipterygoid process; emf, external mandibular fenestra; fm, foramen magnum; lf, lateral flange; lg, lateral groove; lgl, lateral facet of mandibular glenoid; lr, lingual ridge; mgl, medial facet of mandibular glenoid; oc, occipital condyle; pdp, posterodorsal process; pop, paroccipital process; por, postorbital process; ps, palatal shelf; pt, pterygoid; pvp, posteroventral process; pvpf, facet for posteroventral process of dentary; q, quadrate; qjp, quadratojugal process; r, retroarticular process. Scale bars = 1 cm.

Figure 3