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Contraction of Online Response to Major Events

Figure 2

Lognormal distribution of message lengths and dependence of its parameters on excitation.

(A) Probability distributions of content length of messages gathered by logarithmically binned classes of different hourly volume (circles), and corresponding lognormal fits (dashed curves, fit ranges 0 to 120). During low-volume phases (pink and blue), the distribution grows slowly. For high-volume phases (orange and red) however the distribution grows fast and peaks at . Peaks at the maximum length of 140 are an artifact from the length limitation in the specific medium (Twitter), absent for unlimited media, see Section S2 in File S1. For visual clarity only every third data point is shown. (B) Plot of the lognormal fit parameter against message rate demonstrates the systematic relation between message rate and length, dashed line. (C) Plot of the lognormal fit parameter versus message rate . Here the value of increases with the message rate to some point and appears independent of the volume class in high volume regimes. Error bars denote confidence intervals.

Figure 2