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Contraction of Online Response to Major Events

Figure 1

Strong anti-correlation between length and rate of messages posted during events.

(A) The property of content length (number of characters per message) can be related to the property of volume (number of messages per time interval) via power law with slope (green line), a logarithmic fit cannot be rejected either due to the flat slope. Blue squares are hourly average values from the first five days in which the Masters Tournament took place, grey crosses are the hourly average values from subsequent times. Message rate and content length are strongly anti-correlated during the Masters (, p-value for the hypothesis of no correlation) but not after the tournament (, p-value ). (B) Respective message rate and (C) content length over time, averaged hourly. Here all plots refer to the Twitter data set 1, results are similar in other media, see Section S2 in File S1.

Figure 1