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Data Simulation in Machine Olfaction with the R Package Chemosensors

Figure 8

Heatmap of a self-organizing map (SOM) of size 7×7 showing the response to 12 different gases composed of analytes A and C.

The map was constructed for the array of 1 K sensors based on the affinity coefficients computed per three analytes A, B and C for each sensor, as proposed in [23]. The response of sensor array for each gas was projected onto the map, and the colour on the heatmaps encode the magnitude of the signals in the SOM cells computed by averaging the signals from sensors assigned to the given cell. The activity of the SOM increases as the concentration of analytes increases (direction from left to right). The distribution of the SOM activity in response to different gases show that the right part of the map contain sensors with more affinity to analyte A, while the left part has sensor with more affinity to analyte C.

Figure 8