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Illusory Changes in Body Size Modulate Body Satisfaction in a Way That Is Related to Non-Clinical Eating Disorder Psychopathology

Figure 2

Results of Experiment one.

Median illusion and control questionnaire scores for both female (a) and male (b) participants. Greater agreement was found following synchronous (open bars) compared to asynchronous (filled bars) stroking for the illusion but not control questions. Error bars show interquartile range. c) Questionnaire items used to calculate control and illusion scores. Participants gave numeric responses from +3 (strongly agree) to −3 (strongly disagree). d) Mean skin conductance response (SCR) to the knife threatening the mannequin. Greater amplitudes were found following synchronous stroking. Error bars show standard errors. * = p<.05, ** = p<.01.

Figure 2